The Ecolodge principles

The Ecolodge Beauregard principles:

  • Limit the environmental impact.
  • Favour the local economy.
  • Proposed activities congruent with the nature.

From the begin of the creation of the lodge, this approach is omnipresent in fest association with local artisans, in the construction of huts, and in providing local production for breakfast (bread, cheese, farm produces) by planting in the center of the parc a big vegetable garden in permaculture.

During your trip , you can come discovering our choices and our actions:

  • Lodges are implanting in such a way to reduce waterproofing on earth. Foundations are column on stilts wich facilitate the circulation of water and biodiversity preservation.
  • Sewage from the domain are treated thanks to phytodepuration. The filtration is realised thanks to plants. This mod of treatment don’t use chimical product. The water quality at the outlet of bassins is so clean that you can use it directly for culturs.
  • The materials used for the differents lodges have been carefully selected. For example the wood wool for isolement and a Douglas wood for extern cladding.
  • Motor vehicle are not authorized inside the park. A Delivery tricycle and electrics bicycle equiped with a trailer are available at the  access for having a lasier baggage transport.


A Particular way of life

Frequent an Ecolodge during Holidays in Family it’s choosing to sensitize children and yourself to a new particular way of living. In a natural environment preserved , they’ll learn to the fauna, preserved the Flora , and knows the differents way of energy economy…

Some pictures of animals inside the domain

Map and global view

Plan général du domaine Beauregard

On this map, you can see the implantation from the lodges in the domain and you can also localize the differents access and installations. You can localize the reception, playground for children, the vegetable garden, animals , and phytodepuration system.