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Parc naturel de Boutissaint

Situated around an old priory, this parc of 400 hectares , accessible by foot, horse or VTT harbour 400 animals from Europe in liberty : stags, deer, buck, and roe, buffalos, reeve and boar in enclosure.

10 minutes in car / 25 minutes en bicycle

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Le lac du Bourdon

This tank of 220ha fuel the canal of Briare which is inescapable for lovers of nautical leisure in open air. Natural spaces with a fauna and flora preserved: The garden of the Digue, this beach and forests. Leisures: Sailing club,  pedal boat, paddle, horse.

12 minutes in car / 40 minutes in bicyle / 2h30 in foot

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Much hiking paths can be access at the departure of the Domain Beauregard and enable the access in forest, paths in VTT. You can also search Mushrooms in the forest.



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Le couvent de Treigny

This lighting places is dedicated at the exposition of contemporary céramics from french designer and foreign with varied technical

>15 minutes in foot

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Le musée M’an Jeanne and the Espace Fernand Rolland

Regional center from contemporay Art, temporary expositions from contemporary art too and thematics. Permanent gallery with deeds from M'an Jeanne

>20 minutes in car

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The Castle of Ratilly

Art center with expositions, concerts and shows.

>10 minutes in foot

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The castle of Guédelon

Come discovering a castle build today with technics and materials from 13e. It will during a quarter of a century.

>10 minutes in car

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The castle of Saint-Fargeau

 A Fortress of pink bricks from 15eme century with a smart backyard redesigned at the 17e century from le Vau. Historics shows are organized from there.

>15 minutes in car

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On the spot

The Breakfast

Served every morning between 8:30 and 9:30 am every morning. The Breakfast included bio products and locals products. It contain bread, baguette, pastry, butter, jam, cheese, yoghurt, fruit juice, coffee, tea and chocolate milk. This service is included with one night.

dinners Prepared the afternoon of your arrival with good fresh products. They are delivered at the time of your convenience. To be reserved in "the extras" at the time of your reservation. Available only on orde

Aperitif dinner basket:

– Fred terrine and pickles

– Estate-smoked filet mignon, quail eggs, prunes and small tomatoes prepared on individual skewers

– Endive flowers topped with fromage blanc-bleu and walnut kernels

– Homemade tapenade or hummus

– Small vegetables from the garden according to the season

– Special breads, breadsticks, crisps

18 €/ per person 14 €/ per child

– 8 years old Squeegee:


_ machine for 8 people

– 200 gr / person of various high quality cheeses

– Excellent charcuterie from Morvan, Coppa Corse, smoked bacon at the estate

– organic cooked potatoes (vegetable garden)

– gherkins, cooked shirt onions, oyster mushrooms or Paris

– salad seasoned with seeds

– bread

23 € per person and 14 € children under 10 years old Cheese

fondue :

_Fondue set for 8 people

-3 cheeses 165 gr /pers + dry white wine

– Bread cut into small pieces


Gourmet Savoyard Fondue:

_  Fondue set for 8 people

– 3 cheeses 165 gr /pers + dry white wine

– 2 pdt in the oven / person

– Coppa & Morvan ham

– salad seasoned with seeds

– bread cut into small pieces

23 € / person

Fondue Bourguignonne:

_Fondue set for 8 people

-75 gr of beef (Angus or French) and 75 gr of veal (French) per person

– baked garden potatoes

– 3 sauces

– seasoned green salad

– bread

24 €/person

BBQ basket:

-1 merguez sausage or Espelette pepper sausage and 1 shallot parsley sausage (extra 50% veal artisanal charcuterie)

– baked bintje potatoes

– seasoned salad

– bread


Fresh menu:

-100 gr per person of wild keta salmon smoked at the estate

– Potato salad with shallot and chive cream Where

– Baked potatoes with shallot and chive cream sauce to pour over

– Seasoned green salad

– grilled toast (warm basket)

– butter

– vanilla ice cream topped with red fruits from the estate

€28.50 per person

Children’s fresh menu delivered:

We replace the salmon with two boiled eggs with breadcrumbs and the same accompaniment as the parents

€15.50 per child

Homemade dessert:

vanilla creme brulee Where vanilla

pana cotta topped with red berries

€7.00 per unit

Two wine cellars on site:

regional wines, beers, mineral and sparkling water on sale at reception send an SMS and we deliver to you by electric bike.

Birthday cake to order

24 euros / 4 people

  • GLAMOUR: white chocolate mousse, whole raspberries, crispy praline and fireworks almond biscuit
  • PINA COCO: Coconut mousse with rum, pineapple compote and vanilla biscuit
  • BLACKBERRY-blackberry: Milk chocolate mousse, crème brûlée, blackberries, raspberries and fireworks chocolate cookie
  • IMPERIALE: Dark chocolate mousse, crispy praline and fireworks almond cookie
  • – Glamour, imperial, pina coco, blackberry or harlequin Part sup 3, 80 euros Strawberry tart: In May & June (depending on the garden harvest) reservation possible pastry cream, shortcrust pastry, mint. 35 € / 8 people

At foot or in bicycle you can go…

Le Carrouge

Midday at the restaurant coffee " Le Carrouge" with Manu for a home cooking

Details :
5 place de la mairie
89520 Treigny
Rates : menu > 15€

Coffee -Tobacco-Restaurant du Bal

Midday and in the evening at the coffee -Tobacco-Restaurant from the Bal

Details :
7 rue du Pr-Lian
89520 Treigny

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Le moulin de Corneil

In an authentic environment cuisine Brasserie/ Gastronomic at 20 minutes in car.

3 place Lucien Gaubert
89130 Mézilles
Rates : de 13 à 45 €

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La Magie des sens

Yolène Eve'll treat you in peace in her atypical garden
  • The favorite of Ecolodge Beauregard

Détails :
22 Fbg des poteries
58310 Saint Amand-en-Puisaye

Les passantes

Traditional food for midday and the evening with a set meal of the day Clode wednesday evening and thursday.

Details :
5 place du marché
89520 Saint Sauveur en Puisaye


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Le parc d’aventure du bois de la folie de Treigny & Le parc naturel de Boutissaint à Treigny

A park in center of Treigny awith activities for all the family. Career in trees and paintball fields are proposed, outside games for children and adults

5 minutes in car / 20 minutes in bicycle

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Le moulin de Vanneau

A pedagogic farm where a lot of animals are free around the Mill which grind the grain.

20 minutes in car

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